Raven has been making music since 2008, when she first made the organic transition from closeted poet to singer-songwriter. Since then, she's released three EPs and one full-length album, been on two West Coast tours, and gained over 1,000,000 views on the internet through her Youtube channel.

Since moving back to Seattle (her hometown) in early 2013, she's spent her time spreading herself as thinly as possible upon the Seattle music scene by collaborating with local musicians from all types of genres, including Seattle's booming hip-hop world (Solzilla [sang on Sol's "Eyes Open" EP], Elan Wright, Young Evo, RainShine, and Grimeshine). As well as performing on a regular basis at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) as a part of the Experience the City of Music program. Most recently, she joined the Seattle indie-folk band Jake Hemming & The Bereaved to play acoustic guitar, keys, & harmonies.

This young and talented singer/songwriter seems to only be able to gain more momentum, popularity and a wider crazed fanbase from here. With some more publicity, good things are sure to come for girl’s career. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Raven Zoë in the future.
— Seattle Weekly